Sunday, February 24, 2013

Color help

I'm wondering if I dreamed this or if there really was somebody stitching this with a different color palette. As I'm not crazy about the colors that come in this kit, I want to change them and I *think* I saw it on a blog being stitched with different colors. Ring a bell with anybody?? I love the design but I think I'd be unhappy with it stitched in these colors :-/. I changed the colors for 'The ABCs of Aging Artfully' for the same reason. It took forever to work out those changes! Hoping to find the conversion for this design of the pretty colors I envision in my head without going crazy figuring it out.


Blogger Melanie said...

I stitched this a couple years ago - but I don't think I changed anything? That being said, I didn't end up liking the white-white linen. I really wish I had changed THAT. :(

3:46 PM  

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