Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Projects and Puppies

Today, my boys are making plastic canvas coasters. My oldest son learned how to make them in school a few years ago, and I stil have the coasters he gave me for Christmas. Here's a picture of thier progress so far. Next to that picture is my progress on 'Thankfulness' so far. I haven't yet figured out how to put the pictures WHERE I want them in my posts, so they will just all have to be together at the top.

Even though it's not stitching, meet my fur babies, a constant source of 'specialty fibers'. ;-) The next picture is Bumper the Beagle. After that is Beacon boy, our black lab. I tried to get them together in a picture, but Bumper wouldn't sit still, he wanted his cookie NOW. LOL
OK, I just had to share pics of the new babies who just came to Lab Rescue today. They are the two pictures with tile floors. The black lab is Jellybean, an 18-month old female. The yellow lab is a 6-month old male, we think he has some golden retriever mixed in. Both were on death row at the shelter, so glad we could pull them out! They are at the vet to be vaccinated and spay/neutered and then will go to live in a foster home until adopted.


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