Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Update

Hi, thank you for the well wishes for Beacon! He is doing a little better today. I was bawling everytime I looked at him on Thursday, and was kind of a mess when I last posted. He has hookworms and has been treated for that. Now he has to take medicine for nausea and eat a bland diet for a few days. He is still lethargic but eating a little and drinking, so that is a good sign. He is on a monthly heartworm preventative pill (which also prevents hookworms), but the vet said that nothing is 100% effective. I suspect that they weren't totally wiped out when he was rescued last summer, as I remember him taking some medicine then for hookworms (before I adopted him). That's what a life on the streets can do for a dog.
So, yes, I am recovering from my surgery. I have been doing a lot of decluttering this morning in the living room and feel really sore at the moment. I seem to be pushing it a lot this week, but my Mother isn't here to help anymore. She went home on Wednesday. By the way, I had an emergency splenectomy (spleen removed) on January 31st.
I have stitched some and had a couple of finishes recently. We are in the middle of a computer switchover now that isn't going so well, so I won't be posting pictures until that's worked out. With this going on, I am also not connected some days. :( More time to stitch, I suppose.
I've recently noticed some new names posting some comments on my blog, and just want to say "Thanks!" and I look forward to reading your blogs too! Thanks also to everybody who drops a few lines, love you guys!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Furbaby

My dog Beacon has been under the weather the past couple of days. He has an appt. with the vet today @ 2:30. I am trying not to worry about him. He has to be o.k. Can you spare some prayers and good thoughts for him today? It makes me so sad to see him lethargic and not eating or drinking. He is my shadow and follows me everywhere, my constant companion and friend.