Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Praise Sampler

I finished this sampler Sunday evening, it's 'The Praise Sampler', designed by Plum Street Samplers. It's stitched on 32 ct. vintage autumn field linen with NPI and Belle Soie silks. I started it before this new set of Belle Soie colors came out, so only could easily convert 4 of the colors. The red is Belle Soie 'Rose of Sharon', but if I had waited, LOL I think the new 'Cranberry' color would have been a bit better......but I love how it turned out anyway! If you haven't tried the Crescent Colours Belle Soie silks, you need to! :) They really are nice to work with, and remind me a lot of the Silk n Colors and Gloriana silks. I'm looking forward to incorporating them into more designs, plus I read on Little House Needleworks website that she will be coming out with a sampler stitched with them. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007


Thank you Nicole, Cindy, Michelle, Lesley, & TeeJay for your comments about scroll frames vs. Q-snaps!! You've helped me out a bunch, and Nicole your tip about the Michael's coupon reminded me that every other week on Hobby Lobby's website, you can print off 40% coupons. So, I used a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby to purchase an 8"x12" (I think) scroll frame. I've yet to open the package and try it out, but I think I know what project I will put on it first. Carriage House Samplings 'Gingham Dog and Calico Cat' has been calling to me loudly, and since I have the 40 ct. pearled barley + NPIs called for already, I think I will have to start soon. :) For some reason, I thought maybe the tension was tighter with scroll frames than q-snaps. I don't always need things as tight as a drum anyway, so that's o.k. with me. In fact, a lot of times when I'm working with one strand of floss, I stitch in-hand. What I think I will really like about the scroll frame is that I can roll up excess fabric that's outside the working area, and there also won't be those clamp marks that the q-snap leaves on the linen.
It's taken me longer to get back here to post on the blog than I aniticipated because I kept my friend's 2 girls and their little puppy all last week while she was out of town. WHEW, what a busy and noisy week! I miss them, but I'm also glad to get back to a quieter routine. :)
Thanks again for your comments, I am glad to have some more stitching blogs to add to my bookmarks too! Hopefully this summer I can get back to reading them more regularly as well as posting here. I have a lot of finishes that I still need to take pictures of! Happy stitching!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Scroll frames vs. Q-Snaps

Which is better? I have a collection of Q-snaps, but am considering trying a scroll frame. Any thoughts?
TIA for any suggestions or comments!! And happy stitching :)