Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More finishes

Wahoooo!! I finally finished 'Happy Hearts' by Birds of a Feather, stitched on 36 ct. meadowlark linen with weeks dye works. This took me just a little over 5 years to complete. I finally finished it this last spring, taking advantage of soccer practice to put in lots of that solid stitching along the bottom.

Here's 'Coffee House' by Little House Needleworks. I had this chart in an old issue of Just Cross Stitch, but I know this one can be bought individually now too. I loved the colors on this one, so rich!

Here is a Scarecrow designed by 4 My Boys, from the chart titled 'If I Only Had a Brain'. Those exact words are charted under the scarecrow on the chart, but I left them off. It's stitched with WDW, Crescent Colours, & DMC on 18 count natural light linen.

I know my pictures are not the greatest, and they sure do seem to make the linen look way more wrinkled than they do in real life!

In the stitching basket this weekend is my Blackbird Designs 'Live Each Season' and a Lizzie Kate ornament . Fingers crossed for a finish! Oh wait, it isn't the weekend yet! It's just the start of fall break for the school kids, so it feels like the weekend!
I am off to have a cuppa snickerdoodle (I love that name!) coffee now. Happy Stitching~

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Long Time

I think this one is called 'Peace' but it's been a while since I finished it-it is from a somewhat recent issue of Just Cross stitch and is designed by 'Midsummer Night Designs'. I used the recommended threads on 32 count lambswool linen. I did stitch the 'peace' in the wrong color, but was finished with it before noticing my mistake, I liked it enough to just leave it. Very cute, sweet little design!

'3 Pink Houses' by Ewe & Eye & Friends, on 36 ct Lakeside 'Patina' I made a pretty significant boo-boo on this one on the border, which required either a whole bunch of ripping out, or some creative modifications for the entire center section-I chose to modify and so mine is more rectangular shaped than the model. :-)

A Little Stoney Creek designs stitched for a friend-bad picture! It's on 28 ct. antique white evenweave and has a lot of metallic thread.

Stars & Stripes by Little House Needleworks

Mill Hill pin kit

'Checkered Liberty' by M Designs (kit with hand-dyed gingham linen)

It seems like I'm averaging around 3 or 4 posts a year lately. I always think I will do better and post more often, but other things push it to the back burner.....Anyway, as I was driving home this morning from an appt. I thought of this blog and decided by golly I would update it with some pictures, mostly of stitching that has been finished a while back. These won't be in order of completion, just in the order I find them on a disc and upload them. :-)
This is probably enough pictures for one post, so I'll save the others for future posts.