Friday, August 14, 2009

Gingher Insurance

Does anybody else have family members who know you always have scissors and go for the stitching bag anytime they need a pair? Despite being told that needlework/sewing scissors become dull and don't work anymore after they are used for paper, etc.? A few years ago, I decided to start keeping cheapo scissors around in all the different places we keep 'gadget' misc. type things so that my guys would always have something BESIDES my Gingher scissors to go grab to cut that wire or paper or whatever it is. It has worked pretty well, aside from the fact that these scissors are constantly disappearing. Where on earth do they go?? Yesterday, I found these scissors on clearance for 25 cents a pair, so decided to stock up-with 16 pairs! Now surely, these will last a while! (?) Beacon and Bumper were helping me with my pictures, as usual.