Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Late or Early

This is Uber Turkey by Bent Creek. I tried to finish it before Thanksgiving, but didn't quite make it. It's late for this year, but early for 2011! ;-)
This is stitched on 32 count lambswool linen, with WDW, Crescent, and DMC. The pattern called for 18 count linen, but it would be pretty big stitched that way. Oh yes, it is UBER Turkey!
This time of the year I usually am thinking about the things I'd like to stitch in the coming year. And I hear there is a challenge to start 15 new things in January and try to finish them in 2011. You all probably know what I'm talking about and I forget the name. I have made a little list and I think my New Years start will probably be Paradise Lost by Plum Street. I've had everything to stitch that since the chart was released and it's time to get cracking on it! I love that sampler! Without having my book right here with me, some of the things I can think of from that list are some Little House, Blackbird, Lizzie Kate, and a million others, sigh....
I have quite a few WIPS and the thought of starting a lot of new things sounds kind of fun, but kind of stressful too. I'll probably not start more than a couple in January, but will have fun reading about others' new starts!


Blogger Vonna said...

LOVE Uber Turkey...I truly do :)
And I agree about starting the 15...crazy! but I'll enjoy reading about everyone else's starts :)
I have Paradise Lost too...been taking it out and looking at it trying to decide if that is the one to start on Dec. 31...don't know yet...Are you doing the silks or the DMC? I'm still hung on that.... :)

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