Monday, August 15, 2005

Stitching update

In between all of the busy-ness of the past week, I've managed to sneak in some stitches here & there on my current WIP Thankfulness and also finished a primitive stitchery piece that I designed. I use the term 'designed' loosely here, as I just wrote out my words with curly letters and drew my most favorite little pancake flowers in ME or EEF style. A primitive stitchery piece is a nice change of pace, as you get a finished project much quicker and don't have to look at a chart while you stitch! I have plans to finish this 'choose joy' piece into a pillow with some red ric rac. It has a lot of signifigance in my life right now, and it will reside in a place where I will see it daily and be reminded to CHOOSE JOY. Kitted up and ready to go anytime is Lizzie Kate 'Long May She Wave' with a yummy piece of Picture This Plus fabric. It really reminds me of BOAF meadowlark linen. I also have a Lizzie Kate flip it kitted and ready to stitch and be made into an ornament. It will be stitched on navy blue evenweave. I'm kind of having some anxiety about what to start next, there are so many things I want to stitch! :-) This sampler has my 2 pups on it, I just *have to stitch it! Bad picture, I know, but the only one I could find. Several Blackbird Designs samplers are calling my name really loud, as well as several Birds of a Feather designs....and Prairie Schooler.....and Little House Needleworks......and 4 My Boys......and Ewe&Eye&Friends....and Carriage House Samplings......
I have some sewing projects on my to-do list as well. If only I could get by on zero sleep!
Good news-- Tuscon, the yellow pup whose picture is in an earlier post has been adopted!


Blogger Chelle said...

Hi Tobie! I really like your blog! Your Give Thanks Always project is awesome - great color choice. I really like your "Choose Joy" embroidery piece too. I'm embroidering a set of kitchen towels and it is a lot of fun. Keep blogging, I'll be back! :o)

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