Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stitching Pictures and Ramblings.....

Above is Blackbird Design's 'Live Each Season', stitched with recommeded threads on 32 count 'laurel' linen. LOVE it! I saw this stitched up at The Silver Needle on the recommended R&R linen, and have to say it's really so much prettier [to me] on the laurel linen! As you can see, this one was finished up last year but I'm just now getting a picture. I can hardly wait to have this one hanging on my walls with my other framed BBD.

And here is my first big finish for 2008, it's 'Love is Patient' by La D Da. This was my New Years Day start~I've had it all kitted up for forever. :) It's stitched with Crescent Colours on 32 count Lakeside Linen 'light examplar' linen. If you plan to stitch this on a count that requires 2 strands to stitch with, I recommend buying 2 skeins each of Manor Red, Rainy Day, and Black Coffee before starting, so you don't have different dye lot issues like I did with the Rainy Day. I already had 2 each of the Manor Red & Black Coffee, but it became clear early on that one skein of Rainy Day wasn't going to be enough, so I had to hunt down a 2nd skein that was at least close to my original skein that I started stitching with, and then mix it in here and there so it didn't stand out. You can't tell, can you? ;)

And then here is my current WIP getting the most attention lately. It's Little House Needleworks 'Cafe Latte', using Belle Soie silks on 40 count Lakeside vintage examplar linen.
I have 2 other 'coffee' thread packs to stitch up after this one too. The one strand and checkered border make for some nice 'mindless' stitching. :)

I had the day off from work today~wahoo! They [days off] are getting fewer and farther between these days so it's a treat. I was loooong overdue for a haircut and had that done this morning. Since leaving my most wonderful hair dresser behind when we moved here almost 4 years ago, I've not found THE hair person yet, so I'm always a bit apprehensive come haircut time, as I never know if it'll be a good one or not. LOL I'm very happy today because I did indeed get a very good haircut. The last person who cut my hair did a good job, but she stood me up for TWO appointments, never showing up at the salon and later calling with the excuse that she had to run errands and forgot. I fired her because I don't have the patience for that!

I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also finished up over the weekend another 'Britty Puppy' ornament from the JCS ornie 2006 issue. I think I've stitched it about 4 times now. I try to always have a small ornament project in my purse because I stitch during most of my breaks at work. I need to go pick another one to kit up now!
DH told me this morning I had enough to stitch, why did I need to buy that new Little House Needleworks kit 'Heart of America'? LOLOL Funny Guy!
I still have a sack full of things from a trip to The Silver Needle superbowl weekend~I can't even remember what I bought now, besides a little Samsarah chart! It'll be 'new' to me again when I get upstairs to go look through it. LOL
Well, I finally, after looking for THREE years have found another cutting ruler to replace my broken and taped up one. I bought it from a quilt shop several years ago and love it and can't really comfortably use any other brand besides this one that I'm used to, but unfortunately it's not an easy brand to find. This quilt shop also sells designer Ginghers too. :) I was so tickled to find that ruler, the lady working looked at me like I was kinda weird when I expressed how happy I was to find it. Like "it's just a ruler lady". LOL While I was there, I also picked up this pattern and plan to make the pillow that says 'do what makes your heart sing'-so cute!


Blogger quiltorstitch said...

Your finishes are gorgeous! I love them both :) Glad you found the ruler. Sometimes you have to have the “right” one.

How is it the husbands just don’t understand you need a lot of stash? LOL!

11:18 AM  
Blogger Cathy B said...

Hello Tobie - so good to see a post from you! I love all of your finishes! You did great mixing your Rainy Day threads!

I had to have Heart of America too. It's a great design from LHN.

Have a wonderful weekend!

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Tricia said...

Hi Tobie - I always check for a post periodically and here I am a month late! Your finishes are beautiful! Know you're busy but I always lose to see what you're stitching!! Don't work too hard & I hope you get a few more days off of work for some stitching. later chickie

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Tricia said...

...that should by LOVE to see what you're stitching....

I really need to proofread, don't I!!

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love this Design from la-D-Da, it looks very pretty. Happy Easter Eva

3:44 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Tobie, I just found your blog. It sounds like you are in OK also. Ihave been searching for Blackbird's "Live Each Season", but it's out of print. Would you be willing to sell your copy??Email me if you are interested! T hanks.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Chelle said...

Love your finishes, especially the La-D-Da. Enjoy your new ruler! Having the right tools is important.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Congratulations on your finishes. I can't wait to see more progress on Cafe Latte. Looks like it is going to be really cute when you finish it.

12:16 PM  

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